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Our Story

The Solarpunk Conference was born out of a desire to see a space for people to come together to talk about Solarpunk and think about the future in an accessible way. We wanted to push people to think about Solarpunk more broadly, not only as art or fiction or action, but as all three. We want to see people engage with Solarpunk ideas both as visions of a better future, and as actions that they can take today. And we want all of that to be accessible to as many people as possible.


Solarpunk portrays a vision of an accessible, equitable world either without systemic barriers, or with those barriers in the process of disassembly. While we as conference organizers cannot guarantee a world without systemic barriers, or an equitable one, we can at the very least remove as many barriers in this conference, so that access can be equitable.


Why Solarpunk?


It is not a radical statement to say that the world is facing an environmental crisis. Biosphere collapse due to pollution, extreme weather due to climate change, changes to growing seasons and soil viability, and changing population centers combine with late-stage capitalism, unmitigated corporate greed, and a lack of regulation to threaten our very existence. Solarpunk says that all of these can be challenged, that damages can be repaired, and that we can live lives worth living while still making these changes. Solarpunk is radical optimism in the face of growing climate grief and nihilism. Solarpunk demands that we make these changes now.


Why a Conference?


Conferences give people room for ideas that don’t always have space in the day-to-day. They give people a chance to speak with others who are interested in the same topic, and to share thoughts on paths forward. Conferences allow for a change in the frantic pace and utility-focused nature of today’s world. And, while conferences can also be busy, they allow an opportunity for attendees to engage in flights of fancy, imagination, and creative collaboration, all things necessary for building the future.


If you would like to learn more about our shared ethics, and the ethics under which this conference will run, please see our Ethics Declaration.


Meet The Team

A portrait silhouette of Kees, but flowers where the face would be.

Kees Schuller (they/them)

Co-Founder, EDIA & Submissions Lead

Kees Schuller is a queer PhD student studying genre fiction and cultural production. Their fields of study include Solarpunk, game studies, ecocriticism, and research-creation.

A portrait Photograph of Lindsay Jane

Lindsay Jane (she/her)

Co-Founder, Outreach & Volunteer Coord Lead

Lindsay Jane is a youtuber, horticulturist, and landscape designer. Through passion for a better world, she has been creating gardens, burying her hands in the soil for 4 years and creating videos on environmentalism and Solarpunk for the past 2 years.

An illustration portrait of Charles Valsechi.

Charles Valsechi (he/they)

Co-Founder, Design & Communications Lead

Charles is a professor & artist creating paintings & games while training the next generation of creatives. They are the Co-Founder of Hyphae Studios.


jawno okhiulu (any/all)

Social Media & Copy Writer

jawno is a Nigerian-American writer, poet, and performer with a passion for climate action, environmental justice, and Black futures, drawing inspiration from Afrofuturist, Black Queer feminist, and Solarpunk traditions.

A portrait photograph of Clarita.

Clarita (she/her)

Outreach & Volunteer Coord

PhD candidate at QUT, Brisbane Australia researching sleep and lucid dreaming in adolescent athletes and non-athletes, and the use of lucid dreaming for motor learning.

A portrait photograph of Anca.

Anca (she/her)

Design & Communications

She is a PhD candidate in Design, working on Human-AI system co-creativity. She is also a member of Imagis Lab research Lab within the Design department of Politecnico di Milano and the ARDIN Graduate Research Committee coordinator.

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